TORTELLINI AI FUNGHI PORCINI “IL DAVIDE”By ildavideIn the fall, about 10 to 11 days after it rains along the coast here in northern California up pops Porcini Mushrooms, I was a young man when I tagged along to pick Porcinis with 4 very wise older Italian men who showed me what to look for and where to go. I ended up hauling out about 50 pounds from that day which inspired this award winning most popular dish.
TORTA DI PORRO CON CREMA ALL’AGLIOBy ildavideThis has always been an Il Davide favorite. Interesting note: The sweet crust was an accident. My sous chef mistakenly mixed up the sugar and salt containers and as a result, the lovely sweet crust!
BRUS CHET TA CON SCAMPIBy ildavideI took the traditional Italian scampi and adapted it for an appetizer using a sourdough toast. Big flavor and big hit!
COZZE ALL A BIRRA CON GORGONZOLABy ildavideI use a dark Italian beer for the best flavor for this dish. Also, make sure the mussels are medium to large in size.
BRUSCHETTA CON BURRATA E CAVOLO NEROBy ildavideBurrata cheese if the “new” mozzarella. It is made in the same style, but it is creamier and richer than mozza- rella. It is best served with just sea salt and olive oil — delicious!
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