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One of my favorite braised dishes. These succulent lamb shanks can be served over polenta, fregola or potatoes.

 6 lamb shanks
 2 cups carrots, chopped
 2 cups celery, chopped
 1 cup onion, chopped
 3 sprigs fresh thyme
 3 sprigs fresh rosemary
 4 tablespoons tomato paste
 3 cups red wine
 6 cups chicken stock
 1 medium sized lemon
 4 garlic cloves
 ½ cup of parsley “chopped’

Using vegetable peeler, remove peel in long strips from lemon. Mince lemon peel. Transfer to small bowl. Mix in parsley and garlic.


Trim all silver skin and fat from shanks (butcher can do this for you). In a heavy skillet sear all sides of the shanks. Put them in a heavy deep oven proof pan. In same skillet, brown all vegetables, 8-10 minutes. Add tomato paste, brown 5-10 minutes. Deglaze with red wine; reduce until almost dry, stirring to remove all brown bits from pan. Add lamb stock, bring to boil. Add sauce to lamb shanks, should be enough to cover (if not cover with water). Cover and bake at 325° for 5-6 hours, until meat pulls from bone. Remove shanks and set aside. Strain sauce, discard vegetables. Put liquid in heavy sauce pan with herbs. Reduce over medium heat until thick and flavored. Then transfer all liq- uid, vegetables and trimmings to blender and pulse until smooth, spoon puree over plated lamb shamk with a sprinke of gremolata.