SEMIFREDDO AL LIMONE MEYERBy ildavideMy friends decided to give me their excess Meyer lemon which grow abundantly here in Marin in the winter time, I had so many lemons that I made lemonade and this semifreddo which became one of the most popular desserts at Il Davide’. Thank you Doris and Greg Ferrando and Laurel.
GANACHE AL CIOCCOL ATO CON NOCIBy ildavideI “borrowed” this from a restaurant that has long since closed. I added my own twist to this dish and have kept this wonderful ganache recipe alive and well!
SALMONE AGLI AGRUMIBy ildavideThis is an easy tasty dish that has a wonderful presentation. We use a Locke Duart Salmon from Scotland when wild salmon is not available.
BRANZINO CON PROSCIUT TO EVIN SANTOBy ildavideBy wrapping and baking in prosciutto, a perfect saltiness is infused into the fish. This can be served with or without the prosciutto wrapping.
CAPES ANTE CON FAGIOLI BIANCHIBy ildavideScallops and black truffle are great together and this dish may be served as an appetizer or a larger portion as an entrée.
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