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POLENTA CON GAMBERI E PANCETTABy ildavideThis is by far, our most popular appetizer. I learned this from a chef at Ristorante Lucca (long since closed) Everybody loves this!
RISOTTO AI FUNGHI SELVATCIBy ildavideIf you are looking for a vegetarian and gluten free dish that is full of flavor, this is a great choice!
PENNE ALL A RUCOLABy ildavideWe were asked to demo a this dish at Macy’s in San Francisco to celebrate the San Francisco marathon.
FET TUCCINE ALL A CARB ONARABy ildavideI was first introduced to this dish at Ristorante Lucca in Mill Valley where it was prepared perfectly with pancetta and fresh peas – lovely! You can also substitute Guanciale (pork jowl or cheeks) for the pancetta.
LINGUNE “DOLCE VITA”By ildavideThis pasta is not exactly a sweet dish and I have no idea why we named it “Dolce Vita” except we thought it sounded fun like the Italian way of life.
RAVIOLI DI ZUCCABy ildavideThis is a lovely fall and winter dish inspired by the holiday season. The toasted walnuts are wonderful and pureed in the filling.
ORECCHIET TE “IL DAVIDE”By ildavideThis is my idea of a bolognese on steroids! It is leaner than your average Bolognese because of the veal and the prosciutto gives it a nice saltiness. The tarragon and brandy give it a wonderful aromatic quality and interesting flavor.
RAVIOLI DI ANATRA AFFUMICATABy ildavideThis dish was inspired with the excess trimmings of the duck breast Carpaccio. The sauce ingredients were a thought I had on the way to restaurant one day. Ha! That’s how these things work sometimes. The sauce is on the sweeter side to balance out the smokiness of the breast filling, this is a really nice appetizer and pares up with a light red wine
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