Il Davide has a recipe cookbook out! 40 classic Il Davide dishes, appetizers small plates, pastas, desserts etc…

Purchase it at the restaurant for $20.00

“It was 35 years ago when I walked into a restaurant kitchen. I remember the smells of stocks and soups reducing, and watching the busy, focused crew ready themselves for dinner service. I was placed in a small scullery area to peel carrots – 50 lb. sacks! Looking around as I peeled I wondered, how did all this work? I definitely wanted to learn more. I had been working since I was 15 at various jobs, including paperboy, construction, painter, and gas station attendant, but this was different. I felt an excitement and curiosity I had never felt before. Was this going to be something important in my life?”

Excerpt From: David Haydon. “Il Davide Cookbook.”